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Countryside Survey 2000


Countryside Survey 2000 (CS2000) is a major audit of the British countryside. It has involved both detailed field observations and satellite imagery which has provided a complete land cover census for Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

CS2000 has been funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs along with the Natural Environment Research Council and several other organisations (see Sponsors) for details.

Detailed field observations have been made in a random sample of 1 km grid squares across Great Britain.  Collection of data such as habitat types, hedgerows, plant species and freshwater invertebrates complements powerful satellite imagery (see below) and enables a deeper level of ecological understanding. Many of the sample sites were first visited in 1978 and subsequently in 1984 and 1990 providing a time series of changes in the countryside.

Observation of the Earth from space can provide very detailed information about the Earth's surface. The latest techniques for analysis of satellite imagery have been employed, and the data obtained have been used to produce Land Cover Map 2000 (LCM2000). Initial results of LCM2000 are included in the main report, 'Accounting for nature: assessing habitats in the UK countryside' (see below), and the full map will be released in 2001.

Together, these two strands represent the most comprehensive audit ever made of the British countryside.

The survey is now virtually complete. The main field work and satellite image capture were carried out in 1998 and 1999 and much of the data have been analysed. The first results from CS2000 have now been published (see Report).

Countryside Information System (CIS)-compatible CS2000 datasets are now available for downloading from this web site.

Click here to access these files.

Issue 7 of CS2000 News is now available as a PDF file. Sadly this bumper 12 page issue is the last one we plan to produce. Click here to access it.

The results of the survey of Broad Habitats and landscape features are now available as a series of tables. The data may also be downloaded, for use in spreadsheets and other software.

Click here to access the tables.

The Land Cover Map team are now providing quotes and taking orders for datasets from Land Cover Map 2000. Click here for more information.

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